Easy Catch Insect Vacuum

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A safe alternative to insect sprays in the kitchen.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

No Bugs. No Mess. No Chemicals. Easy Catch!

A very handy kitchen tool. Quickly get rid of crawling insects.


The Sureguard Easy CatchTM is suitable for crawling and some flying insects.

Crawling Insects (dead or alive):

Cockroaches * Beetles * Silver Fish * Pantry Moths * Spiders * Ear Wigs * Ants * Millipedes * etc.

Flying Insects (dead or not flying):

Flies * Wasps * Bees * Moths * etc.

How it Works

How often have you seen unwanted bugs in your kitchen?
Do they run away as soon as they see you?

Sureguard Easy CatchTM is conveniently stored in a kitchen draw. It's always ready for action. Keep it handy to quickly catch those pesky bugs.

Here's how it works...

  1. Grab your Sureguard Easy Catch.
  2. Switch ON the LED light if the bug is in a dark place.
  3. Approach the insect slowly until within reach of the insect.
  4. Hold down the IN push-button switch to start the vacuum.
  5. Quickly move in on the insect while keeping the suck boosting nozzle at about 45 degrees to the surface.
  6. Once caught, point the open end of the vacuum upwards.
  7. Pop on the Tube Cover (optional step).
  8. Switch OFF the vacuum.
  9. Release the insect in a convenient place.
Humane Release

The 7 Watt vacuum motor delivers enough suction to collect the insect while minimising damage to it. Please consider releasing the insect back to nature.

  • Overall Length: 350mm.
  • Weight: 180 gram (with battery installed).
  • Motor Power: 7 Watts.
  • Nozzle Size: 31mm diameter.
  • Suck Boost Nozzle Size: 28mm x 12mm.
  • Battery Type: High Power ALKALINE 9 volt. (Battery not included).
  • Battery Life: 70 Catches based on 10 seconds of vacuum per catch.

Is the Easy Catch suitable for large spiders like the Huntsman?
No. A better choice of tool is Sureguard's Spider Catcher.

Can I use Easy Catcher for spiders on their webs?
No. The web may be too sticky for the vacuum to pull off the spider. A better choice of tool is Sureguard's Spider Catcher.

Can I use the Easy Catcher continuously like a normal vacuum cleaner?
As soon as you see a bug you need to catch it immediately. Easy Catcher was designed as a handy, quick to use, bug catcher. Use your usual vacuum for general cleaning.

Can I use Easy Catcher to vacuum ants?
The filter is too coarse to contain small ants in the tube. Larger ants are okay.

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