Buy 4 Solar Snake Repellents Get 4 Battery Ones Free

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Ideal for yards with both shady & sunny situations. Save 26% - $69 !

Average Rating: 5.0

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Don't wait to see a snake!®

Use Snake Deterrents to create an avoidance zone

Ideal for yards with both shady & sunny areas.

Save $69 !

Battery model has up to 12 months operating time on one set of batteries!

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Solar Snake Repellent and Battery Powered Snake Repellent
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    2 / 2
    Stephen Byrne
    Rating: 5/5
    They seem to work
    Quality appears good. No snakes since installing them :-)
    Kauntik Dey
    Rating: 5/5
    Sureguard Snake Repellents
    bought both 4 Solar repellents for our 5 acer property in Galston NSW- Have had previous Black snake activities , haven't seen any in the past 2 months after installing 4 Solar + 4 Battery sureguard. Fingers crossed.

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