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Bird Deterrent Tape - 25mm (with Self Adhesive)

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Iridescent laser tape. Self-adhesive. Reduce bird window collisions.

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25mm Self Adhesive Bird Tape

Designed for surface application to: buildings, windows, balconies, motor vehicles, boats etc. Does not emit sound. Does not move with the wind.

NOTE: For proper adhesion, the surface must be clean and dust free.
Suitable surfaces include glass, smooth paintwork, smooth metalwork, etc.
Unsuitable surfaces include textured surfaces, unfinished concrete, unfinished timber, bricks, and any paints incorporating silicone water repellents.

  • One roll of bird tape 15m long and 25mm wide.

How do Bird Deterrent Tapes Work?

How Bird Deterrent Tapes Work

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    Bird deterrent tape
    Since the tape has gone up - no parrots have flown into the glass pool fence. Before the tape - 6 birds in one week!

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