Bark Control Collar with Citronella Spray

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Spray Collar uses locally grown Lemon Myrtle extract.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Anti-Bark Collar with Spray Deterrent

Humane Bark Control (no shock)

How it Works

Citronella spray collars were invented in 1984 and are a popular choice for bark control. This Bark Control Collar incorporates a sensor to detect vocalisations from your dog’s neck area. The collar responds with an annoying citronella spray. Most dogs quickly associate the collar’s spray with their own barking and reduce their nuisance barking. The citronella is not painful, in fact many people find it quite pleasant, but for your dog it becomes both a distraction and annoyance.

NOTE: Dogs bark for various reasons. All bark collars are intended to reduce nuisance barking. If a situation is sufficiently motivating your dog may still bark.


Π1/ USB Charging Cable
2/ Spray Collar
Ž3/ Spray Canister


 4/ USB Charging Port
 5/ Spray Filling Port
‘ 6/ Status Light
’ 7/ Spray Outlet
“ 8/ ON/OFF Switch
” 9/ TIP for using ON/OFF Switch
•10/  Example Filling Spray

How to Fill Collar with Citronella

  • Daily, remove the collar and check the number of times it has sprayed. Refill if more than 15 times.
  • Check the Filling Port ( 5 ). Brush away any dirt.
  • Push the nozzle of the Spray Canister onto the Filling Port •( 10 ) Hold it down for 15 seconds. Keep the canister perpendicular to the case.
  • When full, the collar holds about 30 sprays. The Spray Canister contains about 900 sprays.

Check Number of Spray Activations

Switch the collar OFF. You will hear 1 long beep. Status Light flashes the total number of sprays. For example, if the total sprays are 3 times since last switched ON, then the Status Light will flash 3 times.

Toggle the Collar’s ON/OFF Switch

  • Press and hold the ON/OFF button “( 8 ) for about 2 seconds.
    TIP: A pen may make this easier ”( 9 ).
    • If the collar is OFF it will switch ON. You will hear 2 beeps. Status ( 6 ) Light flashes briefly.
    • If the collar is ON then it will switch OFF. You will hear 1 long beep. Status Light ( 6 ) flashes the total number of sprays. For example, if the total sprays are 3 times since last switched ON, then the Status Light will flash 3 times.

How to Fit Collar to Dog

  • The collar sits on the smallest part of your dog’s neck (see illustration).
  • The Status Light ‘( 6 ) and Spray Outlet ’ ( 7 ) face upwards/forwards.
    The Filling Port  ( 5 ) faces downwards.
  • For long-haired dogs it may be necessary to trim the neck fur along the spray path.
  • Adjust the length of Collar Fabric to firm but comfortable. You should be able to place two fingers between the Collar Fabric and your dog’s neck.

Monitor Your Dog

When first using the collar, check your dog’s reaction while barking. Initially, your dog may demonstrate surprise and perhaps continue barking. After a few barks your dog should realise the spray is a response to barking.

Ensure the spray is discharged upwards in front of your dog, as illustrated. If not, adjust the fit.

NOTE: Your dog must bark continuously for at least 2 seconds for the spray to activate.

When good behaviour is achieved, your dog should continue wearing the collar for at least another week. Remember to switch OFF the collar before placing it into storage. Attach the collar immediately if your dog’s nuisance barking starts again.

Recommended Usage

  • If you do not use the collar for a long time, please switch OFF ” ( 9 ) to save battery power.
  • Remove the collar for at least 12 hours a day to give your dog a rest.
  • The collar may be used both indoors and outdoors. Outdoor use will require regular cleaning maintenance.


  • Charge the collar ( 4 ) once a week or whenever the Status Light ‘ ( 6 ) flashes RED.
    Plug the supplied USB cable ( 1 ) Πinto any 5-volt USB charger or computer.
  • Wipe the collar clean with a damp cloth. Don’t use chemicals.
  • Make sure the Spray Outlet ( 7 ) ’ is not blocked
  • Wash your dog’s neck weekly or more often if your dog barks a lot.

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