Bark Control Collar - Vibration/Sound

Bark Control Collar - Vibration/Sound

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Vibration Collar to control nuisance barking.

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Anti-Bark Collar with Vibration Deterrent

Humane Bark Control (no shock)

How it Works

The Bark Control Collar incorporates a vibration sensor to detect vocalisations from your dog’s neck area. The collar responds with an annoying vibration. Most dogs quickly associate the collar’s vibration with their own barking and reduce their nuisance barking. The vibration is not painful but becomes both a distraction and annoyance to your dog.

Dogs bark for various reasons. The collar is intended to reduce nuisance barking. If a situation is sufficiently motivating your dog may still bark.


  • 1/ ON/OFF Control
  • 2/ Bark Pickup Sensitivity Control
    Select 1 for minimum sensitivity and T for maximum. Start with T. Reduce if too sensitive.
  • 3/ LED Status Light
    Blinking RED: means charge the battery.
    Continuous RED: battery is being charged.
    Blinking GREEN: battery charge level is okay. Only displays when activated.
    Continuous GREEN: battery is charged. Un-plug from charger.
    Blinking RED+GREEN: means vibration has been activated more than 5 times in a minute.
    No Light: Collar is in standby mode or battery exhausted.
  • 4/ Collar Activation Test Area
    Set Pickup Sensitivity to T. Scratch area with fingernail or hard object. The collar should momentarily vibrate. If battery charge level is okay, the Status LED will blink GREEN.
  • 5/ Charging Port
    Move the rubber bung to open the charging port and plugin the charging cable. Status light will be Continuous RED. Allow 3 to 6 hours for charging until status light displays Continuous GREEN. After charging, reinsert the rubber bung to protect the collar from water.
  • 6/ Collar Fabric Attachment
    Use the long or short probes to attach Bark Collar to fabric. Probes should make skin contact to transmit vibration; choose short or long probes as required. Collar must sit under the dog’s jaw.

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