stop puppy chewing

Puppies need to chew. They chew as part of their teething process. It is also one of the ways they explore and learn about the world around them.

Training a puppy to stop chewing is not about stopping this instinctual behaviour but rather ensuring your valued objects are safe and unharmed. Here are some things to try first before using a training aid:

  • Purchase chew toys for your puppy. Toys should be the right size and made specifically for dogs. Always avoid toys that look like household items.
  • Initially, only provide him with one chew toy at a time. Too many toys can make it difficult to teach the puppy that only specific items are acceptable to chew on.
  • Place anything that might tempt puppy, such as shoes, socks and books, out of reach.
  • If your puppy is interested in chewing the furniture, rug, carpet, use an electronic training mat to keep these things off-limits.
  • Correct your puppy by pulling him away from the furniture and placing one of his toys in front of him. Each time he chews on the toy praise him. If puppy goes for the sofa again, calmly bring him back to the toy.
  • Give your puppy sufficient exercise every day. A tired puppy will not have the energy to chew on items you want left alone.
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