stop dog stealing food

Does your dog have little self-control when it comes to food and resorts to stealing? There are many reasons to teach your dog not to steal food. Apart from your disappointment when you discover your dog has gulped down your dinner, stealing food from the table, counter or stove could put your dog in danger. Not only might your dog steal food items that are poisonous to dogs, your dog could pull something hot or sharp onto itself.

How to stop dogs stealing

Firstly, determine if your dog is hungry. Sometimes even the most well-trained and obedient dog will steal food from the counter when hungry.

Make sure your dog gets enough food and water to satisfied its needs. If unsure, consult your veterinarian to find out what specific dietary needs your type of dog has.

Training Aids

These training aids are designed to distract dogs at the instant they try to steal food. By associating the act of stealing with an unpleasant experience your dog's behaviour will be improved.

Motion Activated Pressure Spray

  • Train your dog not to steal off the table or countertop. The Innotek Ssscat combines a motion sensor and pressurized container of unscented liquid. Setup a training situation by placing the Ssscat next to tempting food. As soon as your dog trys to steal the food the Ssscat automatically activates with a harmless but startling spray. Your dog will find the experience unpleasant and after a few occasions will learn not to steal food. NOTE: The Ssscat is primarily sold for controlling cats but can control dogs if the device is placed within a 1-2m activation range at your dog's head height. So, for example if your dog is reaching up onto a counter or table top, place the device right there for when he attempts the theft. This solution is simple and effective, and requires no intervention from you.

Citronella Spray Trainer

  • Uses a harmless spray to condition your dog toward proper behaviour. Your dog wears a special spray collar that you can remotely activate. Setup a training situation by placing tempting food on a table or countertop where your dog has previously stolen from. Observe your dog from a distance. Immediately the undesirable behaviour occurs you press the button on the remote. The spray simply distracts your dog from the wrong behaviour; no pain or punishment is involved. After a few occasions your dog will learn not to steel food.
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