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Excellent service! Really helpful! Recommend to everyone.


Efficient, fast, polite, easy pay service. Your products do what they claim to do.


My delivery was prompt, and had a friendly feel to it. I did like the little smiley stamps on the invoice!


Great service, emailed for information and was replied to very quickly. Good web site with info and pricing of products.

    Dean Cracknel

Excellent and prompt . Easy to use ordering. Will recommend this company to others


Trouble-Free Transaction, Speedy Delivery and the product is purr-fect....:)


I have made 2 recent purchases which have both been delivered promptly and hassle free. Will definitely recommend the great service.


Hassle-free purchase over the net. Instructions were easy to follow, excellent product, has been very successful.


Great service, notified via email every step of the way. Goods arrived promptly... yay!!!


Customer service was really good, emails are answered, and give the appearance of being always ready to help.


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stop dog jumping on people

A jumping dog can startle visitors to your home and it can be embarrassing for you. Teaching your dog how to properly greet people will prevent guests from feeling wary of your dog.

A Remote Spray Collar is a convenient training aid to bring inappropriate jumping behaviour quickly under control. Your dog wears a special spray collar and you carry a corresponding remote control. Immediately the undesirable behaviour occurs you press the button on the remote. The spray simply distracts your dog from the wrong behaviour; no pain or punishment is involved.

How to train your dog not to jump on visitors

  • Train your dog not to jump up on you. Carry the remote in your pocket when you enter your home. If your dog jumps up on you, press the remote to activate the squirt of spray and growl a loud, "OFF". Do not make eye contact with your dog; ignore him completely. Teaching your dog not to jump on you teaches him not to jump on future guests.
  • Teach your dog the sit command. Give your dog the command to sit as soon as you approach the door and before you open the door. After the dog is sitting open the door and let your guest into the house.
  • Advise guests not to acknowledge your dog when they enter your house and for say 15 minutes more. Ask your guests not to make eye contact with your dog when they first walk in.
  • If the dog jumps up on the guest, ask the guest not to pat the dog, but rather to brush him off and ignore him.
  • Train with consistency. It is counterproductive to discourage your dog from jumping on others, while allowing him to jump on you and lick your face.
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