prevent birds nesting

Birds are lovely to have around the garden. They control insect pests and can provide relaxing entertainment. However, a badly located nesting area can quickly become a whitewash of bird poop.

Now you can effectively stop birds nesting where you do not want using the latest motion activated bird deterrent.

Motion Activated Bird Distress Sounds

  • SCARE birds away! Point the motion sensor toward the problem area; when a bird arrives it activates the bird deterrent. These devices are environmentally safe and highly effective. Birds flee in panic as they hear playback of sound recordings of real life predator birds. The device is triggered by the movement of the bird in front of the sensor. Results are immediate and impressive!
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Motion-Activated Bird Repellent
Bird Repeller using Bird Distress Sounds Protect your fruit trees, ponds, buildings, etc, with this Passive Infra…
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