birds out of fruit trees eating fruit

Few things are more heartbreaking for a gardener than watching birds feasting on the nearly ripe fruit on unprotected fruit trees. How can you stop birds eating or damaging your fruit?

Some gardeners have tried the following methods to repel birds, but results can be variable:

  • Hanging a fake owl.
  • Hanging bright shiny objects like CD's, DVD's, aluminium pans, etc.
  • Traditional scarecrow.

If your fruit trees are less than 2m high then bird netting can prevent damage. However, if you've used bird netting you'll know its almost impossible to reuse, and is tedious to work with. Now you can keep birds away without netting, using an electronic bird scarer.

Electronic bird repellents

Scare birds away and keep them off your fruit trees with any of these motion activated bird repelling devices. Point motion sensor toward the fruit tree to effectively shield them! Birds quickly learn not to visit.

Three effective deterrents are available:

Motion Activated Sprinkler

  • When the bird moves within range of the motion sensor it triggers a 3-second burst of water in the direction of the bird. The noise and movement gets quick results!

Motion Activated Bird Distress Calls

  • Repel birds by playback of sound recordings of real life predator birds. The device is triggered by the movement of the bird in front of the sensor. Results are impressive; birds flee in panic!

Motion Activated Sonic Alarm

  • When the detector senses the bird it triggers a burst of ultrasonic and/or audible sound. Some deterrents also include flashing lights.
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