cats on car

Cat paw prints all over your car! Not again! Worse still, you can see fine scratches in the paint work.

While you can often polish out scratches with a specialized car polish you really need to eliminate the source of the problem. Get rid of cats visiting or repel your cat from your car.

Best ways to keep cats off cars:

Forget home remedies like sprinkling cayenne pepper or mothballs around the car. If you want to guarantee quick lasting results then here are four easy to install electronic deterrents.

Motion activated ultrasonic deterrent

  • These devices use high intensity ultrasonic sound to deter the cat. When the cat moves within 6m of the motion sensor, it triggers a burst of ultrasonic sound. The element of surprise startled the cat and it will run away. Repeated encounters with the device reinforce this deterrent effect.

    Ultrasonic sound can be heard by cats but not by humans. Cats find the complex high pitch sound unpleasant and distracting. Ultrasonic sound is emitted as a beam of sound much like a flashlight beam. To use these devices, the sound must be directed toward the area you want to protect. Also, be aware that the sound will not pass through obstacles such as a fence, shed, shrubs, etc, but must have a direct line-of-sight to the protected area.

    The CatStop device is one of our best sellers. If your car is under a carport, the CatStop is easily attached to the ceiling above the bonnet of the car. The CatStop also comes with a mounting post and may be installed outdoors in a garden bed, or next to a pathway. Face the motion sensor toward where the cat enters you property.

Motion activated combination sonic, ultrasonic & flashing lights

  • As well as ultrasonic, these deterrents add the extra repelling effect of flashing lights and audible sound.

Pressure activated static shock mats

  • Mats come in a variety of sizes but we've selected the one below as suitable for placing on most car bonnets. When a paw is detected on the mat a static shock is generated to move the cat on. It will not harm the cat; it simply feels like an uncomfortable tingling where the mat is touched. You can also set the mat to simultaneously emit a warning sound or have just the warning sound without stimulation.

    The deterrent effect is strong so you might only need to place the mat on your car bonnet for a week or so until the cat stops visiting.

Motion activated water sprinkler

  • The motion activated ScareCrow sprinkler is another answer to unwanted cats. Ideal for keeping cats completely away from your car. When the cat moves within 6m of the motion sensor, it triggers a 3-second burst of water directed toward the cat from the inbuilt sprinkler head. Great if you know the direction the cat comes from.
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